How to Wear a Saree in Kerala Style?

The Kerala saree, also known as the Kasavu saree, is a traditional attire that exudes charm and grace. Wearing a saree in Kerala style is simple yet elegant, making it perfect for various occasions, from festivals to weddings. Here's a straightforward guide on how to drape a Kerala saree and achieve that classic look.

Step-by-Step Guide to Draping a Kerala Saree

1. Start with the Underskirt

Begin by wearing a fitted underskirt (petticoat) that matches the color of your saree. Ensure it is tied securely at your waist.

2. Tuck in the Saree

Hold one end of the saree and tuck it into the petticoat, starting from the right side of your waist. Continue tucking the saree in a full circle around your waist, making sure the bottom edge of the saree lightly touches the floor.

3. Create the Pleats

After completing the full circle, gather the saree fabric from the tucked part and start making pleats, roughly 5-7 pleats, each about 5 inches wide. Hold the pleats together and ensure they are even.

4. Tuck the Pleats

Tuck the pleats neatly into the petticoat slightly to the left of your navel. Secure them with a safety pin to keep them in place.

5. Drape the Pallu

Take the remaining fabric and drape it over your left shoulder, allowing the pallu (decorated end) to fall gracefully down your back. Adjust the length of the pallu as per your preference, traditionally it should fall just above the knee.

6. Secure the Pallu

To keep the pallu in place, you can use a safety pin to attach it to your blouse at the shoulder.

Accessorizing the Kerala Saree

Accessories can enhance your Kerala saree look. Consider these options:

  • Jewelry: Traditional gold jewelry, such as jhumkas, bangles, and necklaces, complements the Kerala saree beautifully.
  • Hair: A neat bun adorned with fresh jasmine flowers or a simple braid can complete your traditional look.
  • Footwear: Opt for elegant sandals or flats that match the saree.

When to Wear a Kerala Saree

The Kerala saree is versatile and suitable for various occasions:

  • Festivals: Onam, Vishu, and other cultural celebrations.
  • Weddings: Ideal for both brides and guests.
  • Cultural Events: Perfect for showcasing traditional attire.

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  1. What is special about the Kerala saree?

The Kerala saree, or Kasavu saree, is known for its off-white color with a gold border, symbolizing simplicity and elegance.

  1. Can I wear a Kerala saree for a wedding?

Yes, Kerala sarees are perfect for weddings, both for brides and guests.

  1. What type of blouse should I pair with a Kerala saree?

A blouse in a contrasting color, typically gold or red, complements the Kerala saree well.

  1. How do I ensure my pleats stay in place?

Use a safety pin to secure the pleats to your petticoat to keep them intact.

  1. What accessories go well with a Kerala saree?

Traditional gold jewelry, a neat hairstyle, and elegant footwear enhance the Kerala saree look.